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Springtime in Louisiana means a return of those pesky, disease-bearing mosquitoes! Bite Back Mosquito Control brings a fresh approach to getting a handle on mosquito control.

The Mosquito Yard Spray consists of walking your property to investigate any potential mosquito breading areas.  We will treat the following: perimeter of you home, under decking, all shrubbery, foliage and trees in your yard and standing water.  We will not be able to spray ditches or any other type of “run off” water ways such as creeks, bayous or streams.  Our service eliminates 80 to 90% of the mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums and other pests in your yard.  Depending on the size of your property, pricing may vary.




First Time Spray



Introductory Special


First time Barrier Treatment / Yard Spray is only $39

21 Day Plan



Our base plan provides 21 days of protection.


Prices are good up to 1.5 acres

Seasonal Plan



$65 Savings Over the 21 Day Plan


Save $65 when signing up for the season. Prices are good up to 1.5 acres.

Special Event Spray





Must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the event to ensure no interference with any set up plans you have scheduled. Pricing may vary depending on the size of your property.

* Additional charges may apply to larger areas, but we will discuss the options during the first walk through to customize the service to meet you needs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Safe for play!

Many of us have small children and pets enjoying the outdoors everyday. If you have concerns about our products, we can assure you that after a single treatment, your yard will be ready to enjoy once you allow the proper amount of drying time – we recommend about 30 minutes before returning to your activities.

We can offer an all natural option as an alternative to our signature product if you feel that is the best choice for your family.

The natural product we offer is a pyrethrum based botanical insecticide that is environmentally friendly and has several major advantages over chemically synthesized insecticides including its rapid breakdown in the environment and its lack of insect resistance. Pyrethrum is extracted from a particular type of Chrysanthemum known as the African Daisy (Chrysanthemum cineraria folium). Oil is extracted from the seeds of these flowers. The seeds are then crushed and used to make mosquito coils burned in tropical climates around the world as a mosquito repellant.

Pyrethrum has been EPA registered for more than 3 decades and is the model from which scientists have derived numerous synthetic insecticides.