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Bite Back Mosquito Control is family owned and operated right here in Covington, LA.  Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  We take the time to walk your property to see where the problem areas are and what the best plan of action is specific to your needs.


We initially started researching how to control the mosquito problem in our own backyard a few years ago.  My wife and son are terribly sensitive to mosquito and no-see-um bites.  It seemed that we never went outside to enjoy our backyard, it was not worth the risk.  Our two dogs also suffered.  Every night they were covered in bumps from mosquito bites.  We had tried products found in the big box stores many times.  We would spray the back yard and the results would be great for several hours or for the day if we were lucky, but then the mosquitoes would faithfully return.
We soon came to the realization that for our family we needed something stronger, long lasting and affordable.  We needed a product that would not only repel, but do away with those blood suckers! The rest is history.  We have found that the formula we use is the best for our family.  We are confident that if you try our product you will also be very satisfied with the results.  It is great to walk outside and enjoy the yard and not think or stress over the mosquitoes.  You deserve to enjoy your yard year round without worrying about the annoying bites that linger for weeks.  We have discounted your first monthly treatment to give you a chance to see how it changes your experience outside.  We know you will love it and want us back month after month.