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"My husband and I did yard work in the backyard last weekend for about five hours and neither of us have a single bug bite!"

               - Allison from Mandeville, LA
"A week after you sprayed we had 4 inches of rain, but still no mosquitoes"

             - Renee from New Iberia, LA
"We went out last night and my kids were NOT bit!"

           - Kelley from Mandeville, LA
We own a residential property of several acres that sat in foreclosure for years before we bought it. It borders a creek, the grounds were overgrown, and the mosquitos were ferocious. Bite Back got them under control within a couple of treatments, more so than the spraying done by the city where we used to live. As a bonus, the treatment also worked on the little white moths, deer flies, and wasps that had also overrun the property. If you have a problem, I recommend giving them a call.

          -David from Bogalusa,La
"Best money I spent all summer"

       - Nicole from Covington, LA
We are very excited to now have the ability to treat large properties very efficiently with the new addition of our 4-wheeler, custom fit with a high powered blower.  We can now treat any size yard from small lots to 10 plus acres in a fraction of the time. 

Another new service we are offering this year is installation of misting systems.  If you currently have a misting system, we can maintain that product as well.  Call today to schedule an appointment.

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